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Animals Have Rights Too essays

Animals Have Rights Too essays Have you ever had a missing dog or cat? They were probably a beloved member of your family. What could have happened to your loyal companion will shock you. Many states have laws that require local pounds to turn over those animals who have not been claimed with in five days of their arrival to laboratories. This practice is called pound seizure. The animals, which consist of cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies, are used in medical experiments. There is no federal law related to pound seizure, but there have been several anti-pound seizure bills put before Congress. None have been enacted. Animal advocates strongly object to the practice of pound seizure. An animal that may have once been a loving family member is forced to have its life ended in a laboratory. The Associated Press reported in December of 1995 that two-thirds of 1,004 Americans polled agree that an animals right to live free of suffering should be just as important as a persons right to live free of suffering. Americans should stand up for what they believe and make the world a better place for animals. A complete count of animals used in research is unknown because federal laws do not require research institutes to record the number of rats, mice, and cold blooded animals that are used in experimentation. Estimates for total numbers range from 20 million to 70 million. So why are so many defenseless animals killed? Many would say that there have been many medical breakthroughs thanks to animal experimentation, but the historical value of animal research with regard to humans remains questionable. Dr. Edward Kass of Harvard Medical School said, ...primary credit for the virtual eradication of these diseases must go to improvements in public health, sanitation, and the general improvement in the standard of living. Over 44 million Americans have inadequate healthcare. If we really want to improve human health, ...

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The Presence of Stereotyping in Western News Media Essay

The Presence of Stereotyping in Western News Media - Essay Example The Chambers English Dictionary defines making a stereotype of a person as characterising or categorising too readily or simplistically. In the field of Psychology, stereotypical thinking is identified as a vehicle for prejudice, and is defined more precisely as being comprised of the processes of condensation and displacement. Condensation is the outcome of fusing a number of images or ideas to make a single composite. It is this that tends to be typically either simplistic or something entirely unrelated. By displacement is meant, â€Å"feelings of hostility or anger are directed against objects that are not the real origin of those feelings†. Stereotypes thus highlight contrasts between the stereotyping and stereotyped groups, and serve to perceive what is being stereotyped as the ‘other’. Stereotyping in the media occurs most frequently when news is to be covered pertaining to a foreign culture, race or religion, or a society about which little is known.

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Should politicians be allowed to accept campaign contributions from Essay

Should politicians be allowed to accept campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists - Essay Example Even though money is an inevitable factor, one cannot support the attitude of political parties in accepting campaign contribution from corporate lobbyists. Corporate lobbyists always acts against democracy and they stands only for their material benefits. Therefore, it should not allow political parties to accept campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists or it needs sufficient law making. It is significant to mention that these financial dealings lack transparency and people cannot get reliable information. Researchers and experts mention that one cannot ignore the fact that it is hard to understand where the soft money is spent. Congress published Congressional Record, V. 148, Pt. 1, January 23, 2002 to February 13, 2002 and it notices that â€Å"When voters cannot discern where elected officials are getting the money to finance their campaign efforts, there is no accountability† (Congress 1304). Through contributing huge finance, corporate lobbyists and other pressure groups easily engage in political process and they often force to commit programs for their favor. The presence of unlimited and unregulated possessions can be constant to these kinds of expenditures. One can find relevant examples which mention the negative impact of campaign contribution from corporate lobbyists in recent American politics. The way in which the Minnesota tribes defeat the Wiscosin Indian Tribes from starting a new casino near Minnesotta boarder can consider a perfect example. These Minnesotta tribes gave a huge amount of soft money for their safety (Congress 1305). At this juncture, it is clear for a reader that corporate lobbyists use elected officials for the successive implementation of their propaganda. All these activate promote chaos in administrative system and also create conflicts in law and order. Another significant problem which underlines the disadvantage of campaign contribution from corporate

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Nothing Is Permanent in This World Other Than Change Essay Example for Free

Nothing Is Permanent in This World Other Than Change Essay â€Å"Nothing is permanent in this world Other than the Change† -is a famous proverb. In this mechanical world all of us are moving towards the pursuit of money having not even single second to spare, to think of world. So I would like to bring to spotlight 3 most prickling things in my mind, which I think, given a power I will surely change, to make the world a better place to live in Poverty according to my view is a thorn in flesh of the world. Society in India is very sharply divided between ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’. With all the wealth of the country getting so accumulated in a few hands the rest of the population find it difficult to even make 2 ends meet. So obvious reason for poverty is ‘distribution of wealth’ which is too uneven. On one side India is leading gold importer in the world, whereas on other side India has most number of population that cannot even afford for a single meal as stated as follows†¦ â€Å"Rich continues to become richer-and Poor continues to become poorer† Recent news coverage in media focusses fully on Indians and their illegal blackmoney deposited in Swiss and Morocco banks, and a pitiful fact is that most of them having account are politicians of our very own country. Isn’t it a big shame for our nation? Harmful effect of poverty include mitigation of crime activities like theft, robbery, smuggling, kidnapping, cheating

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Inhibition of Nitric Oxide Synthase Impairs a Distinct Form of Long-Ter

Introduction Nitric oxide (NO), which has demonstrated plasticity regarding processes of learning and memory, has revealed its specific function in memory formation for the honeybee. The predominant amount of NO synthase (NOS) activity has been shown to participate in the processing of olfactory information of a honeybee. A honeybee's antenna (*- Application of appetitive stimuli to the antennae of honeybees elicits extension of the proboscis (PER)) lobes are the primary centers of olfactory processing that exhibit highest NOS activity, which takes place in the brain. The lip of the mushroom body, which is involved in this process, calyces and the lateral protocerebral lobe receives input from the antennal lobs via a median and a lateral pathway; this indicates strong labeling. Neuropils of the central brain exhibited intermediate labeling. The effects of NOS activity on honeybees were revealed injecting a hemoglobin assay. The hemoglobin assay is able to detect NO and other substances (CO, etc.), therefore, these assays reveal at least two signals. By adding NOS inhibitors to the assay mixture, the first signal can be inhibited, but the second signal cannot be inhibited. The second signal includes enzymes other than NOS. Total NOS activity (*- NOS activity: defined as that part of the signal which is sensitive to NOS inhibitors added to the assay mixture) is divided into a major Ca2+ and a minor Ca2+ independent NOS activity which suggested that the existence of at least two NOS isoforms in the honeybee brain. Applying only 1 (l of 100 (l N-nitro-L-arginine or N-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) 20 minutes inhibits total NOS by 80% (*-show figure 2A). Maximal inhibition of NOS was attained at an approximate conc... MTM (medium term memory) is not affected by the inhibition of NOS, but that blocking the NOS in regards to LTM reduces the LTM to the "level of the single trial-induced memory," (Muller 5). It was further speculated that the NOS activity depends on a sequence of conditioning trials. It was concluded that "the initial conditioning trial leads to an amnesia-resistant LTM, independently of NOS activity, formation of amnesia-resistant LTM by the subsequent conditioning trials requires NOS activity," (Muller 5). NOS plays an important part in the retention of memory, and these findings in honeybees can be used to understand how memory works in other organisms such as vertebrates. References Journal Article Muller, Uli. "Inhibition of Nitric Oxide Synthase Impairs a Distinct Form of Long-Term Memory in the Honeybee, Apis mellifera." Neuron 1996; 16: 541-549.

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Reflection Paper †Entrepreneurship in Health Care Essay

Growth in the health care industry has been experienced over the past ten to twenty years. Prior to the Social Security Act of 1965, the term innovation or entrepreneur was not used much in healthcare. Since the introduction of the government 3rd payer system, innovation and entrepreneurship has taken off. So, what is entrepreneurship in health care? This essay is going to look at the effects entrepreneurship has on health care and attempt to describe the positive and negative ways it has influenced health care today. What is an Entrepreneur?Debated for many years, this vital question to the study of entrepreneurship continues to be criticized and analyzed by some of the worlds leading researchers. â€Å"The origin of the word entrepreneurship is derived from the French word entreprende, which means to undertake, as in undertaking a particular activity† (Davison, 2008, p. 1). According to Davison, â€Å"the entrepreneur is a creator of value. In health care, this definition would mean that an entrepreneur in a person who creates value in the health care industry. Affect of Entrepreneurship in Health CareAmerican health care is the leader in the nation for seriously ill patients. The United States has had more Nobel Prize winners for medicine than any other country because of the commitment to innovation in health care. Citizens of American can be thankful for the innovative ideals that entrepreneurs have brought to our markets. People used to just shop for better prices on such items as airfares, lower hotel rates and even computers. Now, shopping for healthcare is a part of living in the United States. Websites such as â€Å"WebMD, Revolution Health, and eHealthInsurance, now offer consumers up-to-the-minute information on medial conditions, drugs, and insurance options, as well as basic quality information on doctors and hospitals† (Howard, 2008). With all this information available, patients can intelligently talk with their physicians about the most current treatments available and about their options for treatment. The Positive and Negative AspectsTechnology has come a long way, especially in health care. To understand what has been happening in the health care industry, knowledge of where it came from is essential. Health care was  practically a paper and pencil industry and it was the last to make the change to technology which made it time consuming for health care providers. Not until the passing of the Social Security Act of 1965 was technology fully realized within health care. Since then, technology has been cited â€Å"as being the major driver of rising healthcare expenditures worldwide† (Burns, 2008). The positive aspect of the innovations of technology is the treatments and equipment brought about by innovative ideals that has developed into quality care. This quality of care has created a demand by patients and their physicians for more and more innovation by entrepreneurs. Another positive aspect of the new health care technology is â€Å"based on recent scholarly evidence, that such products contribute to increases in longevity and mobility, reductions in disease and pain, improvements in worker productivity and improvements in quality of life† (Burns, 2008). According to Burns (2008), a negative aspect is that the cost of all this new technology has accounted for â€Å"20 percent to 40 percent of the rise in health expenditures over the past forty years† Burns. Aside from better quality of care and increased longevity, evidence has not shown that more and more advanced technology will produce better outcomes or added value. Example of a Current Entrepreneurial BusinessThe example chosen for this essay falls under corporate entrepreneurship, which is discussed in Barringer and Ireland (2008, p. 6). Most people think of entrepreneurship as someone starting a new business; however, with corporate entrepreneurship an established firm will create new innovative products for their customers. MinuteClinic is one example of innovative ideals that comes out of the need to have quick healthcare available just like going into a local 24-7 drug store such as CVS Pharmacy. The ideal developed when the founder, Rick Krieger, need treatment for his son’s possible strep-throat. Due to the length of time it took for his son to be diagnosed he came up with the ideal of convenient walk-in clinics (MinuteClinic, 2008). The first MinuteClinic opened in Minneapolis, MN in May 2000. â€Å"They focused on seven common conditions. Strep throat, mono, flu, female bladder infections, ear  infections, sinus infections and pregnancy testing† MinuteClinic. The impact that these clinic has had on patients has been so successful that there more than 50 MinuteClinic health care centers that can be found in select CVS/pharmacy stores in Florida (MinuteClinic, 2008). Patients are now able to walk into a CVS Pharmacy and get quick health care. Most visits will take from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the symptoms of the patient. ConclusionTo conclude, it is apparent that an entrepreneur is an individual who seeks risk, has the need to work independently and pursues a business strategy of high growth and large profits. Real entrepreneurs thrive on uncertainty and find ways of finding the resources they need to achieve their goals. If they don’t have enough capital, they will find a way to get it. From a health care standpoint, an entrepreneur can be an individual such as Rick Krieger being innovative based on personal experience or it can be large corporations like Johnson and Johnson whose innovations have affect the lives of many. Entrepreneurship in healthcare is a fairly new concept; however, it is one that will continue to get larger and larger. References Barringer, B. A., & Ireland, R. D. (2008). Introduction to entrepreneurship. In Entrepreneurship: Successfully launching new ventures (2nd ed., pp. 3-35). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Burns, L. R. (2008). The business of healthcare innovation in wharton school curriculum. Retrieved January 11, 2009, from, E. D. (2008). Entrepreneurship. Research Starters Busienss, 1, 1-12. Retrieved January 10, 2009, from EBSCOhost database. Howard, P. (2008). Health care’s new entrepreneurs. Retrieved January 11, 2009, from (2008). MinuteClinic becomes participating provider with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. U.S. Newswire. Retrieved January 11, 2009, from ProQuest database.

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Patriotism And Racism Essay - 1412 Words

Patriotism in history class can and does contribute acts of racism in our society. By not covering the histories of oppressed people in depth and with the respect it deserves, those who are privileged do not understand what is happening when they see minorities protesting injustice or advocating for civil rights. This leads to feelings of anger and hate towards minorities, and even acts of retaliation. Racism has always been an issue in American society, but perhaps today it is more important than ever. Increased acts of racism are being reported, and white supremacists and neo-Nazis are becoming more emboldened. Some even feel as if they are the targets of discrimination, as evidenced by the appropriation of the statement ‘Black†¦show more content†¦[†¦] Opposing this form of patriotism is ‘democratic patriotism’ in which students are taught to laud the principles— like liberty and justice—on which the US government is founded. (20 15, p.264-265) Both approaches to patriotizing history are not appropriate for history curriculums, and contradict the historiographic methods used to examine history. Traditional patriotism in the history curriculum is not nearly as prevalent as it used to be in the past, but has made a recent comeback in our society. This form of patriotism blatantly suppresses questioning, which stamps out any form of critical thinking that a student would normally use to analyze historical events. Questioning the past is an essential part of historical analysis, and without it a history class turns into a nationalistic brain washing session. Kissling, when studying Rugg and Krueger’s elementary school textbooks notes that even while they had patriotic overtones the textbooks were still criticized by some at the time for not being patriotic enough, showing how forced patriotism was back in the 1930’s. (2015, p.271) This is the kind patriotism today is taught in places like North Korea. What i s more prevalent in American society today is democratic patriotism. While much more inclusive that traditional patriotism, democraticShow MoreRelatedWhat It Means to Love Ones Country774 Words   |  4 Pages1 My View on What It Means to Love One’s Country Patriotism, according to Merriam Webster, is defined as â€Å"devotion or love for one’s country.† I believe this definition does not capture the true essence of the meaning of patriotism. This definition would be outstanding if there were no other conditions factored in this complex equation, but it seems that patriotism is a double-edged sword. The word patriotism strikes a lot of mixed emotions in people all over the United States. SomeRead MoreAmerican Culture And Its Impact On The Nation1509 Words   |  7 Pagesthroughout history through patriotism, capitalism, and racism. Pseudo patriotism was running wild after 9/11, in our beloved country, and if you dared to speak out about the invasion in Iraq, you were vilified like the Dixie Chicks, by all the flag wavers. Once the Dixie Chicks went against the American culture of patriotism, Country Radio stations stopped playing their music; it was see you later ladies. Consequently you have to have a patriotic song, when patriotism is running high; therefore youRead MoreEssay on America, Land of Immigrants746 Words   |  3 Pagespeoples is to simultaneously be an American and retain their personal cultural identity. It must be difficult to find the balance of personal identity and not seam un-American. This issue is discussed in the short essay by Myriam Marquez â€Å"Why and When We Speak Spanish in Public.† In the essay, Marquez explains how she and her family chose to use their native tongue, Spanish, instead of English. She says they do this, despite the impression some people may get of them bei ng rude, â€Å"out of respect for theirRead MorePatriotism or Cosmopolitanism Essay1825 Words   |  8 PagesHumankind would be a better place if we were all just citizens of the world. In Martha Nussbaum’s â€Å"Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism† she argues whether children should be taught in education to be patriotic or cosmopolitan. Nussbaum’s definition of cosmopolitanism is a person whose primary allegiance is to the community of human beings in the entire world. Nussbaum begins her argument by raising questions about education and how students ought to be taught that hunger in third world countries areRead MoreMarc Anthony s Performance Of God Bless America1117 Words   |  5 Pagesthrough television. This made it easier for the performance to receive more negative, racist, and discriminatory responses through social mediums, particularly twitter, and eventually became a controversial topic among news sources and media. In this essay, I will analyze resp onses to Marc Anthony’s performance of God Bless America published on Twitter and define what it truly means to be American. This incident was one of many incidents in the United States that incited controversy over whether orRead MoreAmerican Stereotypes of Immigrants Essay881 Words   |  4 Pagesassimilating (Morganthau and Wolfberg, par.18). .America is beginning to place a negative outlook on its culture. Authors Jack Shaheen, Richard Rodriguez, Peter Marin and Zora Neale Hurtson all shape American culture in a detrimental way. Jack Shaheen’s essay â€Å"The Media’s Image of Arabs† explains how the media has birthed false images of Arabs. The media continues to maintain stereotypes of Arabs. The majority of Arab characters shown on the television are rarely shown as victims or ordinary people (ShaheenRead MoreTommy Hilfiger Essay1214 Words   |  5 PagesPress. Designer Hilfiger disputes Net rumors of racism. USA Today 28 February, 1999: News4 Berns, Walter. On Patriotism Public Interest 127 (Spring 1997) p19-30 Hilfiger, Tommy All American New York: MadHouse Productions, 1997 History Of Tommy Hilfiger 101799 61597 Jordan, Anthony. The Soul of Americanism American Legion 144 (1998) p8 Jost, Kenneth Patriotism in America CQ Researcher 25 June 1999: 545-567 Read MoreRacial Segregation : Race And Place At The Local Level Essay1602 Words   |  7 PagesSince the beginning of the United States, race has always been a social construct in which Anglo Saxon people were able to benefit from it. Institutional racism enacted at the federal level and state level, that intentionally dehumanized the people of color justified the mistreatments. During the time the suburbs were constructed the G.I Bill effectively benefited whites, as whiteness itself is an indicator of certain public benefits, such as housing and rights that were granted. While on the otherRead More English Should be Americas Official Language Essay1749 Words   |  7 Pagessociety to unite the entire nation. The people of America need to reshape the country in which we live, to show off the patriotism expressed so warmly after the horrific attacks of September 11. American citizens must come to unison with the most vital tool we can use to combat those problems, our communication between different dialects. Senator Hayakawa writes in his essay, The Case for Official English, that ?[i]t is with a common language that we have dissolved distrust and fear. It is withRead MoreComparison of Media Propaganda Used During the Two World Wars1715 Words   |  7 PagesWith this essay I will be comparing the way propaganda was used during the World Wars, what was their aim and target audiences and how they affected civilian and military moral and more importantly how art and poster design was used to properly influence and imprint ideas and morals to the viewers. I will also compare how different design techniques were used in each war and how effective or ineffective they were in each case and what their common attributes were and in what way they were different